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«Complex Maintenance» CJSC is an exclusive supplier of raw products, materials and goods for the enterprises of the Machinery & Industrial Group N.V.

The core activity of the Machinery & Industrial Group N.V. is introduction of new technologies and projects in the field of mechanical engineering industry both in Russian Federation and abroad. The Machinery & Industrial Group N.V. comprises large enterprises more than 20 objects strong which are situated in 10 districts of the country. Some are located in other countries, for example, Denmark, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Ukraine and Serbia.

The history of «Complex Maintenance» CJSC

The company’s former name is “CenterAgromashHolding”. It was renamed into «Complex Maintenance» CJSC on the resolution of the general meeting of the “CenterAgromashHolding” shareholders (protocol dtd. 14.10.2009), registrated on 18.02.2004. «Complex Maintenance» CJSC is a commercial company created in accordance with the decision of the general meeting of the Company Founders.

As per Board Resolution dtd. 14.04.2010 the sole executive authority of the Company is given to «Corporate Governance Company «Concern Tractor Plants», Ltd.

The mission of «Complex Maintenance» CJSC

Timely delivery of qualitative raw products, material and goods for the enterprises of the Machinery and Industrial Group N.V. at reasonable prices.

The strategic aim of «Complex Maintenance» CJSC

Arrange timely delivery of the highest quality materials and raw products, satisfying the claims and needs of the clients and thereby building mutually beneficial partnership between the employees, the trade unions and the manufacturers.

The main advantage of our company is the responsible attitude of the qualified specialists to their duties as well as their adherence to the terms of delivery of the goods that meet the highest requirements of the clients.

The prime objectives of «Complex Maintenance» CJSC

  • Direct deliveries of high quality materials with the obligatory adherence to all wishes and requirements of the client.
  • Timely and reliable delivery.
  • Extending the range of the materials in order for the purpose of making new models and, as a result, the expansion of the Group through the expansion in the number of technological complexes.
  • Technological progress investments, expansion of the production potential and its flexibility.
  • Increase in the manufacturing efficiency which adds to the corporate growth with the obligatory reduction of the resources use including the development of the supply system and cost cutting.